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About Us


From John Edmonds

"FarNorthPhoto was set-up in 2006 to handle not only my photo work but also my family photos. These family photos were originally taken by my grandfather Richard Northwood and his two brothers starting in 1890's and finishing in the late 1940's. Since then these photos have been in the hands of strangers, no longer controlled by the family, and they have not been readily available to the public. They are in private collections and in several New Zealand museums.


Recently my family negotiated the return of digital copies from the Alexander Turnbull Library in Wellington. These digital copies are from the original glass plates the family had in storage which were sent to the museum for safe keeping in 1960's. At the same time I have been hunting down Northwood photo prints and original glass plates from various other sources and people.


With modern computer techniques and using my Northwood photographic eye I have managed to bring back to life almost 500 Northwood photos and over the next year I will be adding at least another 700 more photos to the Northwood Collection. A local historian was engaged to track down information on these photos by interviewing local residents, talking with people in rest homes, and even from responses at displays of these photos at local venues.


A new web site has now been set-up exclusively for The Northwood Collection so that the photos can be enjoyed in full by  everyone and be regarded as a unique resource of history about the Far North. To view The Northwood Collection photos please click on...........


My photo work is only just starting out however it has one great advantage which my grandfather wanted. That is the photos are in colour. I hope over the next few years to go to the same places the three brothers took their photos, and re-shoot the photos in colour. It would be great to have "before and after" photos of the Far North but I realise it will be a monumental task".