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Welcome to FarNorthPhoto


FarNorthPhoto is an Online Art and Photo Gallery for local artists and photographers to display their work. The Gallery specialises in the selling of Art Prints and Photo Prints on canvas, on behalf of the these artists. FarNorthPhoto has chosen artists and photographers whose work represents the best of the Far North in New Zealand. Although these are emerging artists and photographers they all show great talent and potential. When included in the mix the unique environment and landscape of the Far North you end up with some exciting art and photo work.


Please feel free to browse the galleries.......  

FarNorthPhoto is now at the Kaitaia Market on Saturday Mornings.

Look for the FarNorthPhoto Gallery with the large all white gazebo.


To view the FarNorthPhoto Gallery go to...........


On display are a range of canvases and prints. These are prints from the FarNorthPhoto galleries and historical prints of the Far North from The Northwood Collection.


Prints can be ordered here and services such as photo restoration and scanning are offered.


Great Viewing!! Plenty to see. All are welcome to browse.